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Gregory M. Alonzo, StarkInsider

Sayenko portrays the young substance abuser as sweet and a little slow... the subtlety of his performance... is both engaging and quite affecting.

Richard Connema,

Talking Broadway

Young Sayenko... is brilliant as the revolutionary Ivan. He gives an incredible performance with a strong theatrical voice. Needless to say, his accent is perfect.

Benjamin Wachs, SF Weekly

The Actors Theatre production is triumphant... Iconic moments like Stanley Kowalski (Sayenko) standing on a balcony shouting his wife's name over and over again live up to the impossible expectations half a century of performances have given us.

Charles Kruger, TheatreStorm

Sayenko, who recently appeared on the same stage in a superb performance as Stanley Kowalski in A Steetcar Named Desire, demonstrates that he is an actor of vast range. As Bobby, the young junkie who is unsure of himself, disoriented, abused and pummeled by Teach, Sayenko creates a role that is as far from the cocky Stanley as one can imagine. Sayenko manages to suggest a full street life for the young character with his extraordinarily expressive body language and always sincere interactions.

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